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 We'll be updating it regularly to keep you informed about what's happening, and any new tourist attractions opening up, or any changes to them

Previously we've used Facebook to keep you in touch with up to date happenings, but since not everybody is on Facebook,  have added this page to our website. We'll still be updating our Facebook page, and of course using it to show photos of the area.

May, We are now reopen, see our "Tariff & availability" page for details

12th May: Due to a cold spring  swallows didn't arrive until recently in the area, 19th May
only one nest appears to be in use.
17th May 1st pair of swifts seen

2020 due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, we are closed for the whole of the 2020 season. We hope to reopen for Easter in 2021, and hope to see you all then

Nature & Wildlife at Llaingyfre 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
17th April: first of our swallows arrived today
4th May. Saw the first of our Swifts this evening; unfortunately it was considering a site under our eves, already occupied by a pair of nesting sparrows, who saw it off.
However there's plenty of other space there for it, and its relatives. (they've since returned and are nesting) 8th June Swallows eggs have hatched in two nests in the barn. Haven't seen the young yet, but have heard them.
   photo - swallow


 Photo - Swifts. Nature & Wildlife at Llaingyfre 2018
18th April, our first swallow returned this evening, a week later than last year, & 13 days later than in 2015 & 2016, Spring has arrived at last!
Our swifts arrived back on 13th May, 5 days later than last year. First heard the cuckoo about a fortnight ago, but failed to note the date. Last Autumn, for the first time for a few years we saw Hedgehogs in the garden, and they're still around this Spring. 28th July - Haven't seen the Swifts today, would seem that after only 11 brief weeks they've returned to southern climes. WE STILL HAVE VACANCIES FOR THE SCHOOL HOLIDAY PERIOD - check out out 'Tariff' page

Nature & Wildlife at Llaingyfre 2017
11th April Our swallows have returned. 8th May Saw one of our Swifts this evening, first time this year. Among other nesting birds here, there are a pair of goldfinches nesting in the Buddleia outside Old Dairy Cottage kitchen. haven't seen the Redstarts so far Photo - fledgling swallows

2017. We now have a 9 hole golf putting green in our garden available to guests, with putters and balls which guests may borrow, as well as a set of Boule

The nearby communities in South West Wales, of Llandysul and Pont Tyweli (6 miles to the north of us) Cilgerran,
St.Dogmaels/Llandudoch, Tregarron, Devil's Bridge and Llandovery are members of the National 'Walkers are Welcome' scheme

BREXIT Whatever you think about it, Brexit has caused a 10% reduction in the value of the pound, which will mean that overseas holidays in 2017 will be more expensive.
Maybe you should think about a UK holiday in 2017. Perhaps here in West Wales?               Oct 2016     

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  Photo - swallows. Nature & Wildlife at Llaingyfre 2016
  5th April Our first swallow arrived this morning, same date as last year! 14th April Saw our male Redstart this morning  for the first time this year.
 27th April Heard the cuckoo for the first time this year. 6th May Our Swifts have returned this morning,3 days earlier than last year, a week earlier than in 2014

.Folly Farm, now have Eastern Black Rhinos w.e.f . October '15

Nature & Wildlife at Llaingyfre 2015
5th April  the first of our swallows arrived this afternoon - 3 days earlier than last year, 10 days earlier than 2013. 23rd April heard the cuckoo for the first time this year,
2 days later than last year. 9th May Our swifts have returned, 4 days earlier than last year. 11th May Saw our Redstarts for 1st time this morning.
26th June Counted bats leaving farm roof space - 92 between 9.20 and 10.05pm photo - swallows

Teifi Valley Railway Facebook page 18 August 

"Back in action! After approximately 18 months and having been written off as a viable concern, at 3pm today Teifi Valley Railway Limited commenced passenger carrying services. Although operating on a small section of track we are weekly piece by piece re building the line. Today's train was a Ruston hauled single carriage. Hopefully by the weekend we will be using our Quarry Hunslet Alan George and the track will be that little bit longer."

16.8. 2015.Manor House Wildlife Park now have a young female Sumatran Tiger  

24.3.2015.While King Richard III has been reburied at Leicester, his killer, Sir Rhys ap Thomas is buried at St Peter's Church, Carmarthen, where it is planned to create a permanent public exhibition

 Summer 2015. Sumatran Tigers to come to Manor House Wildlife Park

Cardigan Castle, fully restored after years of neglect, opening on 15 April '15 Facebook page

2014 Both our cottages and our caravan now have flatscreen digital TV/DVDs

Plas Llanelly House,  Llanelli, said to be the finest Georgian house in Wales, opens to the public in August 2014 Cafe, shop, and visitors centre - tours need to be booked

Nature & Wildlife 2014
8th April
First of our swallows arrived back today (a week earlier than last year), and violets are in our hedgerows.  18th April A pair of Mandarin ducks visited our farm pond for the 2nd time, but they didn't stay beyond the afternoon - keep hoping they'll return 21st April. Heard the Cuckoo for the first time this year At the end of April we discovered that a pair of goldfinches had built a nest in a buddleia in our farmyard, see photos on our Facebook page, but sadly the nest was predicated probably by Magpies the day after the eggs hatched 14.5.14.. 13th May Our swifts have returned, 6 days later than last year, and so has our male redstart.

15th July '14Folly Farm,'s Lions, Hugo, Luna and their 4 cubs have arrived, and are now on display
20 February '14. Folly Farm, is bringing a pride of African Lions to Pembrokeshire this Summer in a £500,000 purpose built enclosure. The species, which is currently classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, will be a flagship exhibit for Folly Farm's conservation work, highlighting the work the attraction does with UK charity Wildlife Vets International. Work begins this week on the enclosure and will open to the public before the Summer holidays.

2nd February '14 Well, I think we'd all accept that it's been a wet and windy winter so far and it would be good to take a holiday to get over it! It's not too early to book for this summer, and there's Easter and the half term breaks before then, so contact us!

28th October '13 Well we, here in South West Wales were promised, or threatened with the worst storm and gales for decades, last night, fortunately it didn't happen - rain overnight, yes. But nothing much in the way of wind - no trees down, no roofs off, and this morning we've got showers with sunny intervals, so we're open for business, and our present visitors are having a better holiday than they expected

We have now included a link to BBC's Weather forecast on our 'Home' Page, and on our 'Tourist Attractions' page

Visited Caldey Island, Near Tenby, in August '13 and was delighted to see they've created an extension to their coastal walk from the lighthouse, taking in some fabulous additional cliff top scenery

Looking ahead, somewhat, The Gwili Railway propose opening the new extension of their line to the outskirts of Carmarthen  (2019 This has been opened, but trains have to be joined at Bronwydd)

12th June '13: The Teifi Valley Tourism Association (of which we are members) has produced a DVD on the Teifi Valley 'Teifi from sea to source', which can be can viewed on line. We have copies of the DVD in our cottages for guests to view, and will be happy to advise those who wish to buy one as a souvenir of their holiday, where they may do so.

May '13: After months of secrecy, Oakwood Theme Park has finally revealed the name of its new £4m family-themed attraction which is opening this month.
The new area which occupies over three acres in total – the equivalent of 14 Olympic swimming pools - will be called ‘Neverland’ and is themed around the world-famous ‘Peter Pan’ story by author J M Barrie.

21st May '13: the National Botanic Garden of Wales won a silver at the Chelsea Flower show! Visit the garden while you're here.

20th.May '13: Folly Farm have now got Penguins! Their enclosure opens on 25.5.13. Something else to see!

Nature & wildlife 2013
15th April: Our Swallows have returned, earlier than last year, when we didn't see them until the 19th 22nd April: heard the Cuckoo here for the first time this year 6th May: Our Redstarts arrived - we don't have a date for their arrival last year. 7th May: Our Swifts returned, a couple of days later than last year, when they arrived on the 3rd Most of our swallows left on 15th September with a few late ones (second broods?) remaining for another week. Saw two young ones on the morning of 17.10.13 still here, but haven't seen them since, They must have been leaving when I saw them

Spring 2013. At Manor House Wildlife Park they now have THREE Rhino's, so something new to see there, to say nothing of the Meerkats (they're cute), Wallabies, Lemurs, Gibbons and a host of others.

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